Weekend Link Roundup


  • Who doesn't love a good beignet? Add in a holiday dose of gingerbread and you've got a winner. You should definitely be making these Gingerbread Surprise Beignets
  • EAT ALL THE COOKIES...is what I say during the holidays. Like these Chocolate Candy Cane Crunch Cookies. Anything with candy cane sounds good to me in December. 


  • The New Yorker did a fascinating, in depth profile on Angel Merkel, Germany's Chancellor of almost 10 years. Incredibly interesting look into the most powerful female politician in Europe. 
  • Pick up a good book this weekend - we've got two awesome suggestions on our December Book Club post


  • Go to a Holiday pop up store or market! If you're in NYC, check out the Union Square Holiday Market or head up to Bryant Park and watch people ice skate (badly) and shop!