Want/Need: Blanket Scarfs

blanket scarfs

Oftentimes, when you're thinking about a purchase there's a dilemma - do you invest in the item or do you find a cheaper version that will work for the time being? Our new Want/Need series will help you with exactly that dilemma. 

Blanket Scarfs are all the rage right now. And with good reason! They're warm, cozy and huge enough to be worn multiple ways. Unfortunately, the really popular ones you see everywhere are also sometimes expensive...and nowhere to be found. Here are some alternatives!

1. H&M Jacquard Scarf (pictured left) - This is scarf from H&M is a cute, affordable and accessible way to partake in all the blanket scarf fanaticism of the past few months. Call it your starter scarf. 

2. Aritzia Diamond Blanket Scarf (pictured right) - Aritzia has been hitting home runs in our book for the past couple of months when it comes to design and quality but they also aren't very affordable. This scarf is no exception but boy do I want it (haha see what I did there?).