Want/Need: Winter Parka


Oftentimes, when you're thinking about a purchase there's a dilemma - do you invest in the item or do you find a cheaper version that will work for the time being? Our new Want/Need series will help you with exactly that dilemma. 

Winter parkas are an essential buy for the season, especially if you live in the north or nowadays due to the polar vortex, anywhere that's not California or Florida. Here are two of our favorite winter parka options.

1. Aritzia TNA Bancroft Parka (pictured left) - This parka is an investment at $375 but it's one that will definitely be worth it. With a fur-trimmed hood and a waterproof outer layer, you'll be set to brave the cold.

2. Old Navy Down-Fill Parka (pictured right) - Old Navy has hit it out of the park again. This parka also offers a fur-trimmed hood and waterproof outer layer at a much lower price point. 

Swati is the Editor at Sona.

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