Resources for Writers

Favorite Craft Books

Story Genius by Lisa Cron was one of the first craft books I read that simplified outlining and story structure. I still use it when I need a jumpstart or I feel like something is missing in my outline. 

The Anatomy of Story by John Truby quickly became one of my favorites when I started to dive more into story structure and theme. It's definitely more of an advanced book, but it helped be quickly level up and tackle some huge revisions! 

Favorite Posts on Writing


On Brainstorming & Drafting

How I Plan a Book, Pt 1: Of Plotters and Pantsers by Susan Dennard

Roundtable: How We Brainstorm by Writer's Block Party

Path to Pub: Drafting by Axie Oh

Path to Pub: Brainstorming by Akshaya Raman 


On Revisions & Craft

PubCrawl Podcast: Revisions

Pacing with Multiple POVs

Timelines with Multiple POVs by Katy Pool


On Getting an Agent & Selling a Book

How to Get Traditionally Published (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) by Susan Dennard