Chicago Doughnut Tour

I recently went on a quick, weekend trip to Chicago and despite the default Chicago food goal of eating deep dish...

NYC Eats: Brunch

One of my favorite things about NYC is the brunch scene. You can try a new cuisine or stick with the tried and true classics. Either way, you're bound to leave with a happy heart and a full stomach. Here are some of our favorite spots:

BEST TRENDY SPOT (that's actually good)

Jack's Wife Freda

224 Lafayette St. 

If you like a slightly mediterranean flair, this is the place for you. I LOVE their halloumi and eggs dish and my brunching companions really enjoyed their dishes as well. If you have room, split the lavender pancakes with the table. You won't regret it. 



159 Lexington Ave

You can't go wrong at Penelope. Everything is delicious and the decor and ambience is intimate and cute. My personal favorite is the mac and cheese, if you're looking for indulgence. I've also got to say, their home fries are one of the better versions I've had. 


Cafe Cortadito

210 E 3rd St

If you're looking for brunch with a more ethnic or cultural flare, try any and all of the Cuban food at Cafe Cortadito. Their huevos rancheros are on point and will definitely hit the spot. You can't go wrong with anything else either!

5 Places We're Dying To Visit: Beaches

We got an unexpected cold front here in NYC and as a result, all we can dream of are warm, sandy beaches with sunshine and absolutely nothing to do. To indulge ourselves and plan for our next trip, we're bringing you the five places we're dying to visit, beach edition. Hopefully crossing a few off soon!

1. Tulum, Mexico

2. Zakhintos, Greece

3. Miami Beach, Miami

IMAGE: Kent Hotel

IMAGE: Kent Hotel

4. Mallorca, Spain

5. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand