Holiday Gift Guide: The Man

It's funny - I was about to write how it's tough shopping for guys but in all fairness, they probably don't exactly have a great time shopping for women. So, it's a challenge for everyone! But these gifts are definitely winners. 

From the essentials, like Herschel backpack and Art of Shaving shaving kit, to more techie gifts, like these fun earphones and drone/quadcopter, you can't go wrong here. The complete Star Wars movie collection is a must before this Friday and these socks are amazing and durable (man-approved). 


Holiday Gift Guide: Lady Boss

Today's gift guide is for that friend who is super driven and loves the cut of a good pantsuit. Or, the creative type who dominates at work. Basically, all women who work! It's nice to introduce some personal elements into your workspace and these gifts are beautiful but also useful. The gold cable is great for those days when you forget to charge your phone. These black snakeskin heels are gorgeous + affordable. This Kate Spade planner helps you keep your life in check with a dose of glitter. These headphones are stylish and great for blocking out the noise of the AC (real life stories). This Cuyana tote is HEAVENLY and on my wishlist for my next work bag. You can't go wrong with any of these gifts!


Gift Guide: Glitter Obsessed

The holidays are upon us! And... so is all of the holiday shopping. Wherever you go there will be holiday sales and ads and the sheer volume alone will be overwhelming. You'll start to see gift guides over here on Sona to try and reduce the stress that comes with gift giving during this season. 

We all know someone, if it isn't you, in our friend group who loves glitter and screams glam. Well, here is your perfect gift guide for that friend (or sister, mom, etc.) to satisfy every one of their glitter/sparkle whims - all without breaking your own piggy bank. See below for even more options!

1. Nail Polish 2. Stud Earrings 3. Glitter Eye Liner 4. "All that Glitters is Gold" Print 5. Phone Clutch