Top 3 Indian Restaurants in London

London was an incredibly beautiful, varied and lively city but the one thing we loved the most was the amazing food there. Everything from traditional British food to Lebanese take away (as the British say) was fantastic. Our favorite cuisine (and our parents') also made a standout impression on our taste buds during our time in London. So here are our top 3 Indian restaurants in London for every style.

Fancy Dining


This classy restaurant in Soho has a Michelin star and certainly lives up to it. The 3 course tasting menu is absolutely divine and to this day we haven't stopped talking about the Papdi Chaat appetizer.

Trendy Bites


If you're looking for classic Indian street food/comfort food during your travels you should go to Marylebone to eat at Rotichai. The space was filled with people and the trendy decor and presentation of the food only added to the vibe. Our favorite bites were the Sev Puris and Dhokla!

South Indian Classics


It's pretty easy to mess up South Indian food or to just assume it's only idlis and dosas. Sagar, tucked away in a corner of Covent Garden, manages to hit it out of the park. Everything we ordered seemed to hit the spot and the service was fantastic as well.