To Topknot or Not?

Aside from the cutesy title, this is actually a real dilemma for many women out there. Summer is nigh and humidity (especially on the east coast) is beginning to be a part of our daily complaining vocabulary. All I want is to wear breezy clothing and not have my hair in my face. What to do? Well, there are the obvious solutions - ponytails or a bun. But recently the topknot has become all the rage. Mostly, I think, because it guarantees no sticky, sweaty hair business and is super easy to do wherever you are. It's not surprising that women are fans of topknots but we always pegged it as "at home" hair, not suitable for the general public. But times seem to be changing.

This isn't a new debate by any means, just one we've been thinking about a lot recently. What do you guys think? I hardly think walking out with my haphazard topknot is going to result in me being ostracized (especially in NYC) but I've started to look for more polished versions. Here are some of our favorite ideas for making the topknot a chic addition to your summer style.

DO: Topknot with volume

DO: Let your natural texture shine

DON'T: Pull it tight

DON'T: Place it too high on your head