Favorite Work Snacks

I typically always have a bad case of the munchies around exactly 4:00pm everyday at work. As many of my friends can attest, a hungry me is not a fun me. Though we have snacks at work (yes, I'm very lucky!) I like to keep a stash of the good, healthy stuff on my desk so I don't go rooting around for the chips or candy at 3:59pm. Recently, I've fallen in love with these Harvest Snapea Crisps from Whole Foods and these Figgy Pops Supersnacks from Costco (thankfully you can find both on Amazon!). You can find dried snappea snacks in a lot of places nowadays but I find that these Harvest Snaps have the perfect amount of salt and crunch. And those Figgy Pops? Saves me the trouble of making energy snackballs every Sunday and is a completely healthy way to indulge your sweet tooth after lunch. With these two snacks, I can stay on track for my health goals beyond January.