Weekend Link Roundup v. 11


  • What makes you think of summer? Beach. Barbeque. Picnics. Corn. Oh wait, we're the only ones who think of corn? Well, for all those who can't live without grilling some corn in the summer we've got a fun twist on it for you - Whipped Mexican Grilled Corn Dip.


  • The recent New York Times article on Amazon has unleashed a downpour of testimonials from former and current employees in support and opposition to the culture depicted in the article. This woman's recount of her time dealing with a new baby and cancer (!) while working at Amazon is a vulnerable look into her life and a must read. 


  • It's the last week of August. What are you doing indoors? Hate to be basic (but not really, it's a lot of fun) but everyone should definitely plan on soaking up the last of summer. We love fall/winter over here at Sona but can't deny that summer has got it's own magic. Here's a list of things to go in NYC before the end of summer.