The Shopping List: Panama Hat

IMAGE:  9to5chic

IMAGE: 9to5chic

August is fully underway but I've yet to find my perfect Panama hat. This is a summer staple I've longed to own for many summers but I end each summer empty handed. I'm on a mission to make sure that doesn't happen again this year. After lots of research, here are some great options for your perfect Panama hat. 


This is THE classic, masculine Panama hat - a tried and tested version. You can't go wrong with any Goorin Bros. hat as an investment piece.


You were probably waiting to the see the ubiquitous J.Crew Panama hat on this list and I do have to admit it is a feminine, modern option.


No one does affordable like American Eagle and they've hit it out of the park again. This hat is also great if you have a slightly larger head (like me).