Savory Green Smoothie

I know, I know, we’ve already had a post about green smoothies. Who do we think we are, Gwyneth Paltrow? But since the sweet green smoothies were represented on our site, we thought we’d include a recipe for those of us who prefer the savory side of life. Our favorite savory green smoothie is this spicy, creamy vegan one we’ve modified from Through trial and error, we found that this recipe worked the best:

·       1 cup baby spinach

·       1 cup kale

·       1 medium tomato, diced

·       1 cup water

·       1 carrot chopped

·       1 whole cucumber

·       ½ stalk celery

·       1 avocado

·       1 whole lime peeled

·       2 garlic cloves

·       1 inch ginger

·       1 jalepeno, seeded to preference (more seeds if you like it spicier)

·       ½ tsp sea salt (more to preference)

·       pinch of cayenne pepper (more if you like it spicier)

·       some ice cubes

Bonus: The jalepeno added a whopping boost of extra antioxidants! I drank this a lot when I was doing a whole food week to kick a sinus infection that was brewing and it definitely helped!

Add all the ingredients to blender and liquefy, then puree and cream. I don’t own a fancy blender, so I know for a fact you can get this smoothie in a creamy consistency in just a regular Oster blender.

The texture is smooth and creamy from the avocado. You can taste the vegetables, definitely, although the taste of kale and spinach is covered up by the tanginess of the lime and ginger and you can taste the kick from the jalepeno. I made this for my mom and she loved it, both as a smoothie and as a slushie that she ate after freezing. She thought it tasted like a cousin to guacamole.


IMAGE: The Almost Vegan