Burgundy Coat

This coat has been one of my all time favorites for the past couple of years. It's warm, has a tie waist that gives you a shape (unlike a lot of winter coats) and is beautifully constructed with pleating in the back. It's one of those coats that is gorgeous in its own right and makes you feel like you're wearing something special when you put it on. And, it's still available! Which is ridiculous but I figure ModCloth realized awhile ago they had a winner on their hands and kept it restocked. 

What I love about it is it's also perfect for petite women (like myself). I'm only 5'2 and I typically have a problem with petite sizes in general because they're made for boyish/straight shapes and assume you have a proportionate body (does anyone??). This coat would look good on any shape - creating fun curves for straight shapes and not making you look like a lump for curvier shapes. I think sometimes that's the number one thing I look for in coats - to not look like a lump. Hah! But really. 

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