3 Super Easy Ways to Celebrate Diwali


I don't know about you but often, Indian holidays/festivals tend to pass me by without much fanfare now that I live on my own. It's not that I'm not aware of them - I am. I remember every August that the Lakshmi puja is coming up or that Diwali will be in the fall and if I forgot, I'm sure my parents wouldn't let it go by without reminding me (thanks guys!). However, I rarely celebrate the way I used to when I was younger. Diwali is coming up on November 11 and I've been looking for some easy ways to be festive (guys, I do not have the patience my mother did to make 4 course meals for a Diwali party) and by easy, I mean easy. So, here are 3 small things you can do at home to have your own Diwali party or simply bring the Diwali festivities into your home (or tiny apartment, in my case). 



Because we all need some super sweet Indian treats during Diwali time - how else will aunty's be able to tell us we look "healthy" when we go home if we don't eat ALL the sweets? Jokes aside, seriously this is super simple to make and delicious. Milk (or doodh) Pedha is one of my favorite sweets and really makes me think of home. This recipe can be made with your microwave and seriously takes less than 20 minutes. 



I fell in love with these Henna decorated mason jars and found a great DIY you can do at home. Check out the video here! If you're feeling lazy, you can also buy some here to decorate your apartment or light during the party. 



It's pretty easy to forget, but Diwali is also our New Year. It's a great time to take a breather and reevaluate where you are in your life. It also feels natural after years of school starting in the fall to view it as a time of new beginnings. So, make a cup of chai, sit down and make some new goals! It's the perfect breath of fresh air before we fall into the next set of holidays.