How to find a new hair salon


You've just moved, whether it's to a new state or just over a few zip codes, and it feels like a whole new universe. Not only do you have to find a new grocery story or laundry place (if you live in a city) but you also have to get your beauty on...with completely new people! One of our biggest dilemmas has been how to find a new hair salon, especially when the old one is off the table. Here are 5 tried and true tips to help you find your new best friends (and hair stylists). 

1. Ask Your Friends

Friends with great style, co-workers with enviable hair or strangers at Starbucks are all great resources to become aware of the favorite hair salons in the area (only kind of kidding about the last one). More often than not, if you love their haircut/color/style and they love their salon it will be a great fit. Stick to friends who have similar hair to your own for the best recommendations.

2. Yelp a TON

People on Yelp either tend to love or hate their experience. Taking this into account, Yelp is still a great resource to help you search for specific hair services or to get a general idea of what type of work the salon produces. I especially love the search function. It's easy to put in your query, e.g. "best ombre in nyc", and get a list of salons in your area that have Yelp reviews associated with your query. I found one of my favorite salons this way and they did a great job with my ombre (if you were wondering). 

3. Check out their social presence

ESPECIALLY if you're looking for a new hair salon to handle all your coloring needs, it is a must to check out the salon's social presence. Most quality hair salons have Facebook or Twitter accounts where they will not only post new specials or discounts but also photos of clients' hair. Often, clients themselves will post photos of hair cuts or color that they absolutely loved and tag the salon. It's the easiest way to see what kind of style the salon has and if it fits your own. 

4. Ask for a consultation

Many hair salons advertise a free 15-20 minute consultation for you to book. Even if they don't, there is absolutely no harm in calling them and asking if they would let you come in for a short consultation. After all, this is your hair we're talking about and it deserves the best care. 

5. Have fun!

Despite what I said up there, at the end of the day it is just hair and it will grow back. Sometimes it's fun to try new salons until you find the salon (or hair stylist) you absolutely cannot leave. As long as you're not bleaching your hair or going Khaleesi blonde, you should be fine! 


Swati is the Editor at Sona.

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