Going Natural: Hair Care

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I've tried many all-natural hair products over the years.  It took a while to adjust to the change at first - sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners don't lather as much as regular products and leave your hair feeling a little less clean.  But you get used to it, and over time your hair actually feels significantly healthier.  I'm still constantly experimenting and trying new brands, as there are so many new products these days! Here a few of my recommendations:


Affordable and Available Starters

It can be pretty hard to find completely "clean" hair products in your drugstore or neighborhood Target.  But the following brands, while not completely devoid of harmful chemicals, do not contain the main chemical culprits (sulfates and parabens) and generally are available in most stores. 

L'Oreal Sulfate-free:  L'Oreal's "Ever" product line has a a series of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners geared towards various hair concerns. I found the EverPure shampoo and conditioner to be good starter products - they lathered enough, left my hair feeling clean, and smelled good. I wasn't a huge fan of the EverSleek products though.  They left my hair feeling a little oily and stringy and I needed to wash my hair more often.  I would give these products a try if you're in a pinch or want to start the switch to natural products slowly.  They still contain a decent amount of other chemicals though, so are not the most clean or natural.  

Ogx: This brand has many different lines of shampoos and conditioners, all of which are sulfate-free and paraben-free.  I like the Argan Oil of Morocco Intensive Moisturizing Treatment - it's great as a weekly hair mask. 

Yes To Carrots:  This is one of my favorite lines of natural hair care. It provides great moisture for dry hair and makes my hair soft and shiny. Though a definite step-up from regular products, it is, unfortunately, not completely sulfate free. While it is SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and paraben-free, it still contains some sulfates.

A Few of My Favorites

Acure: I like Acure's hair products a lot. I love that, in addition to being sulfate-free and paraben-free, they are also free of phthalates. (Phthalates are synthetic plasticizers which some research has implicated as hormone disruptors.) In between trying new products, I tend to always come back to the Moroccan Argan Oil +Argan Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner, which really keeps my hair healthy.  My only (minor) complaint is that it doesn't leave my hair quite as soft as I would like. 

Phylia [de M.]: After a particularly stressful period in my life which made my hair lifeless and thin, I decided to invest in the Phylia de M. line.  Touted as helping to bring back hair health and growth, these products actually work.  At one point I even contemplated stopping use of the products because my hair was getting too thick! The products use mainly organic ingredients, and are SLS -free and paraben-free. 

Dying to Try

Intelligent Nutrients: Next on my list of products to try is Intelligent Nutrients' shampoos and conditioners - I can't wait! These hair products are all formulated without sulfates, parabens, silicones, ethoxylates, PEG, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. Also, apparently they smell great, which is always a huge plus in my book. 

Which natural hair products have you tried? Any favorites or must-trys?

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Neelima is a Contributor at Sona.